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Grange Hall Rental info:

Washington Grange rents its hall for the following types of activities:

  • Memorial or celebrations of life event.

  • Special birthday parties (50 years or older)

  • Anniversary celebrations (25 years or older)

  • Performances.  Call the rent chairperson listed below.  Each rental of this type needs a Grange review.


Washington Grange does not rent its hall for the following types of activities:

  • Children events - sorry, we do not rent our hall for youth events.

  • Weddings or receptions - sorry, we do not rent our hall for wedding or receptions.

Rental process:

  • Submit request through the "connect" tap above to or call/text 360-600-0637

  • Include the following information:

    • Contact name

    • Contact email, text or phone number

    • Reason for rental

    • Date for rental (If a specific date is needed)


Rental rate:

Rental fee is $400.00 per day with a $250 returnable cleaning deposit.  (Normally returned when the rent chairperson locks up the hall at the end of your event).  Rental is for the entire hall.  We do not have a per floor rental rate.  Rent is for the entire day, however we do ask when your start time and end time will be.

Rental fees can be paid in cash or by check.  They are due on the day before the beginning of the event.  In most cases rent is collected when the Grange is opened for the event, but upon the discretion of the Rent Chairperson, maybe requested at a sooner time.

Special consideration can be requested for a charitable event or long time rental agreement.  Details of the rental request must be presented to the rent chairperson, presented, and voted on during a regular business meeting of the Grange.


Rental rules:

  • A rental agreement will be completed with your name or the name of your organization, mailing address, phone numbers, date and time of rental and for what event.  You will receive a copy of the assigned rental agreement.

  • All garbage/ trash, and decorations must be removed from the premise at the end of your event.

  • Alcohol is not allowed.

  • A certificate of Insurance must be given to the Grange prior to the actual rental of the hall showing the name of the organization or individual renting the hall.  The certificate needs to include the name of the person or organizations insurance company, the date of the event and the halls location as: Washington Grange No. 82. 7701 NE Ward Rd Vancouver WA 98682.  

​                                                                   NOTE:

If this is a family event such as a memorial service, a certificate can be obtained from the renter’s homeowner insurance company by contacting your agent or insurance company.These are issued at no charge to you.


View of parking in front of hall


upper level foyer


Upper hall with stage


Split entry. Our hall also has an elevator


Lower level full kitchen


Lower area dinning or conference room

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