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Want to Belong to an Organization with Years of Service to our Community?


Washington Grange was created in 1889.  It was the original site of the Clark County Fair in Orchards Washington.  It has, along with the County Grange, been an integral part of the development of Clark County especially in creating the Clark County PUD.  Washington is one of many Granges still active in Clark County.


Please click on the Home tab to learn more about the history of our Grange.

Interested in Meeting New Friends and Neighbors


Washington Grange is open to all of members of our community regardless of their race, color or religion.  The Grange does have a foundation based off of the Masons fraternal order.  Much of their formal ritualistic work and wording is based off of the family farm.  As an urban Grange, the farming element is no longer our Grange’s main function, but we are interested in our neighbors and helping one and another make our neighborhood a better place for us all to live.

Have a Voice in Local, State and National Government


The community (subordinate) Grange is where the legislation activity of the Grange begins.  A member of the Grange can bring a subject to the floor of the Grange.  The president of the Grange asks for a second to the motion.  This starts the process.  The maker of the motion can then explain what the current issue is and what action they would like seen done.  Next there is open discussion from the floor to be followed by a vote for or against the action suggested. 


The action can be simply a letter written and signed then mailed to the recipient to show the Grange’s position on the subject.  It can suggest action, it can support the issue, or it can state the Grange’s reason for not supporting an issue.


A more formal approach is to write a resolution and present it as described above.  Next an accepted resolution would be forwarded to the State Grange.  Once a year State Grange meets in June, where among other activities, resolutions written by community Granges across the state are processed through the appropriate committee then brought to the floor for discussion to be supported or declined.


A resolution started at the community level can eventually become Grange policy as presented in its Legislative Handbook.  The handbook is available to the Washington State legislative body.  The Grange also has a lobbyist at the Capital to support and promote Grange policy.


For more information on the Grange’s process and current policy, please go to "".  From this site scroll to "Legislative" to access the Washington State Grange’s legislative link. 

Be Part of a Family-Friendly Organization


The community Grange can be a different thing for different locations.  Washington Grange is in the middle of an urban area.  The Grange can be a gathering spot for different organizations and events.  The hall is available to rent for a verity of activities. (Please visit our rental tab for additional information).


Everyone in the family has a place in the Grange.  Members can be as young as 13 ½ to 90 plus.  There is a place for everyone.  Officers of the Grange have welcomed man or woman to fill the offices of the Grange.  Actually there are only 4 positions in the Grange that must be filled with a woman.  Women always hold the office of Pomona, Ceres, and Flora.  Also a woman holds the office of “Lady” assistant steward.  Whereas, only the office of assistant steward is held by a male.


After Grange meetings families gather in our large dinning area to enjoy each other’s company while coffee and light treats are shared by all.


During the year activates at the hall or trips away from the hall are planned and scheduled to further promote the idea of a family-Friendly organization


Each year our Grange puts an educational booth in the Grange building at the Clark County fair.


The Grange building at the Clark County Fair showing our booth and some booths from other Granges


A garden arch was added to showcase the plaque in the next photo honoring past members


Memorial plaque in honor of past members


As a community project our Grange made placemats for Nursing homes for special days


A large poster was created then put on display at the Orchards Burgerville showing the history of our Grange


Our Grange put on a community garage sale. Some of the booth were downstairs


Our Grange put on a garage sale. Some booths were outside in our covered area

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