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Washington Grange No. 82 was organized on August 19,1889 at the Fourth Plain School house in Orchards Washington.  Shortly afterwards they built their first hall on the property where Orchards Burgerville Restaurant is currently located.  The first hall was built in 1891 jointly owned between the Grange and the Old Columbia Council.  In 1929 the wood frame building was replaced with a new brick structure.  The new building was owned by the Grange and the Odd Fellows/ Rebekas Fraternal orders together.

In 1973 Clark County purchased the property from the Grange-Odd Fellow/ Rebekas organizations to create Gehr Rd.  The Grange also separately owned one acre of land at this site.  They added to this by purchasing back the land not used by Clark County for the road to give them approximately 1 1/2 acres.  This property was sold to Holland Inc. in 1976 to build the Orchards Burgerville.

Washington Grange No. 82 built a new hall East of Sifton in 1974 at 7701 NE Ward Rd where it is still active today meeting on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.

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